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Joel Peterson, LPC

Christian Counselor in Fort Worth

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Joel Peterson is a christian counselor in Fort Worth, Texas. He received his Masters degree in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the owner and therapist at Cowtown Christian Counseling, a private practice firm devoted to helping people connect their life experiences to God and his design for their life. Whether you are struggling with addiction, depression, relational difficulties, or life transitions, please reach out. Asking for help is the first step.

Joel’s experience ranges from church counseling ministry, in-patient residential treatment, non-profit, and private practice. He is passionate about engaging people exactly where they are in their life.

Joel served with the Association of Biblical Counselors as Director of Equip the Nations, where he taught biblical counseling to pastors in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. 

Outside of Counseling, Joel loves to spend time outdoors with family and friends.


Christian Counseling for Pornography Addiction

  • Identify the obvious

    • often we tend to get hung up on the confusing, “Why do I keep doing this”, and never get an answer. It’s helpful to identify the things we do know: the situation(s) when I am triggered, emotions, etc.

  • Identify the confusing

    • “Why did I do it again?” Identifying this is helpful in pornography addiction because it shows how one sees change. Once I know why then I will stop! Knowing the ‘why’ does not necessarily lead to change.  Sometimes God wants to help through other means to get to the ‘why’ too. 

Christian Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety or Depression?

  • Many struggle with each of these and sometimes during the same season of life. It’s helpful to be able to distinguish between the two. Anxiety might be leading you to feel depression or vice versa. Realizing which comes first is a great step. 

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Check out our blog. We strive to do our best in connecting your experience to God and his design for you. Our topics include pornography addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, and sexuality. 

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